Simone Nicole Durham, M.A.

Hi! My name is Simone Nicole Durham. I am a Black biracial woman who grew up in a suburb of Sacramento, California. I attended Morgan State University, a historically black university (HBCU) for my bachelors and masters degrees in sociology. I also played two seasons of NCAA Division I volleyball for MSU. After completing my masters, I started teaching as an adjunct professor while also working as the coordinator for multiple programs in the Office of Student Success and Retention at MSU. I am currently a doctoral candidate in the sociology at the University of Maryland, College Park. (However, I am currently located in Atlanta, GA). In addition I currently work as a graduate student editor for Contexts Magazine, the public facing journal of the American Sociological Association. My academic work focuses on race, identity, mental health, meaning making, and social movements. In everything I do, including my teaching and research, my primary objective is to contribute to the fight for racial equity in the U.S., particularly for Black people. In addition to my academic work, I try to engage in public sociology and scholar activism as much as possible, including but not limited to digital activism through social media.

July 2021 CV

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